Kamis, 06 Februari 2014

ePaper, the first electronic plastic book in the world

The new LG device represents an innovation in the field of digital books. This is the ePaper, a model made of plastic, six inches in size, resistant to falls, flexible screen that can be bent up to 40 degrees without breaking.

The company LG has revolutionized the electronic book market with the launch of the ePaper, the first plastic electronic book world (EPD or E-Paper Display), with which he intends placed ahead of its main competitors. So, Samsung and Nokia are also prototypes with this material, but are still under development.

The South Korean firm has introduced an innovative ePaper model that stands out for its functionality, strength and design. With the ePaper, LG aims to popularize and energize the market for e-book readers (eReaders), a technology introduced in 2008 but has been relegated to the background by the appearance of the tablets.
Main features of ePaper

The ePaper has the usual functions of an eBook and:

Made of plastic flexible. Folds to 40 degrees, although it can not roll or fold.
It weighs 14 grams.
Six-inch size, fits in the palm of your hand.
It’s as thin as a sheet because it has a thickness of 0.7 millimeters.
Not have cabinets or frames.
Resolution of 1024 x 768.
Electronic ink display. Compared with technologies such as liquid crystal displays (or LCD) has low power consumption, not hurt your eyes by offering a nice view and to read with natural light, as it is a reflective material.

High efficiency

One feature that highlights the ePaper LG is its efficient, since the model stands for the great battery life and flexibility. Two very interesting aspects to this new device that allows more room for maneuver and not focus only on reading function.

The ePaper becomes also a great support for commercials and demonstrations in areas where it is not possible to introduce a conventional screen.
Very resistant

Another of the great virtues of the new plastic digital book is its resilience. One very demanded by users of these devices who complained of the fragility of their screens. And it is estimated that 10 percent of them were damaged by falling accidentally.

With the ePaper this problem is solved to a great extent, since it is able to withstand drops of up to 1.5 meters without damage. Also, does not scratch as easily as models made from other materials.

All these features make this device very useful for both adults and children to use both inside and out, without fear of damage.

Windows 8, the new operating system Microsoft

Microsoft renews totally your system and makes a strong commitment to the commercialization of Windows 8 touch design, fast and attractive image. This is a major change for the company which aims to tackle Apple and Google.

Since last October 26, the successor already has Windows 7, Windows 8, with which the software giant Microsoft faces a new and decisive stage in his career.

Windows 8 windows system adapts its touch screens, moving and storage in the cloud, facilitating the use of applications and interaction between devices.

For company Microsoft is the biggest change made in the last two decades, since the advent of Windows 95, which brings into play all his prestige and potential for enormous challenge is posed in the era postPC, where Google and Apple are their great rivals.

The anticipation for the launch of the new operating system brought in its first three days of life four million licenses sold, and that during the first month will reach 40 million. Figures on their way to overcome the Windows 7 (60 million), achieved during the first quarter of their marketing.

Features of Windows 8

Windows 8 is the main asset of U.S. company to continue as a leader in the field of desktops and laptops, and to “get his head” in the market for tablets and phones, with the upcoming release of Windows Phone8 where Apple, through iPhone and iPad, and Google, with Android, dominate most of “the pie”.

Let’s see the highlights of the new operating system from Microsoft:

New home screen. The traditional windows give way to a row of tiles on which are all applications, social networks, websites, contacts, updates. In addition, you can customize the PC and tablet. This is not the disappearance of the old desktop is still available for users.
Use touch. Includes a mouse and a touch pad that allows you to work when you want and how you want.
Mobility and security. Windows 8 is a device to work anywhere, not just at home. Its security features (Trusted Boot and BitLocker) give protection to any incident.
Applications built and stored in the cloud. It includes applications such as Microsoft Mail, SkyDrive, contacts, messaging … automatically synchronized with social networks.
Browser. Internet Explorer 10 gives prominence to the contents over himself, is reduced and the browser frame, while getting around the network is faster.
Cloud storage. All contacts, photos, documents and files safe and stored in SkyDrive to access the cloud when needed.

Advantages and differences

Windows 8 represents a change from previous versions and provides the user with important differences and advantages.

Easy installation.
Works with little capacity. Only need 1 gigabyte (GB) of RAM and Intel Atom processor.
Firing rate. Need a few seconds to load.
Face Recognition. When sitting at the computer, we recognized thanks to recognition sensor designed for Xbox 360.
Windows 7 programs, the previous version, running on the new operating system.
Windows 8 has been designed with computers in more than four years.
Notifications on the home screen. In the mosaics are outstanding information due to new applications.
3D Technology.

Boosting updates

With all these new Microsoft Windows 8 expected to favor and encourage upgrades, since many users work with older versions of the system, and allow him to continue to be a benchmark in the computer industry, which in recent years has lost relevance for the strong competition from its rivals.

Another challenge for Microsoft is that firms change to new operating system Windows 8, since most of its revenues come from these products.

New MacBook Air, fastest and most versatile

Apple has made a significant update to your new MacBook Air to turn on the laptop in question. Therefore made a renewal of its hardware aimed at providing better performance and power. With a sleek, durable, thin and light, is presented as the final model and a tough rival to its competitors.

Although it has been expected, Apple already has on the market updating its innovative and successful model of laptop, the new MacBook Air. With it, the U.S. company wants to continue being a leader in a competitive industry which also seeking their share of the “pie” companies like Samsung, Sony and HP.

The new MacBook Air, debuting in June 2012 at the Worldwide Developers Conference (Worldwide Developers Conference, WWDC) in San Francisco, responds to the idea of ​​creating a portable lightweight (only weighs a kilo), thin and strong, that has the same capacity and performance double sized one.
Key Features

The new MacBook Air is available in models 11 and 13 inches. In its update highlights several areas that greatly enhance the design and performance of the Apple laptop.

New dual-core Core i5 and Core i7. This allows the MacBook Air surf the Internet, manage photos and edit movies, among others. And with integrated HD Graphics processor 400 is 60 percent faster. And all this with 4 gigabytes (GB) of memory, expandable to 8.
Faster flash storage. With up to 512 GB capacity, four times faster than the hard drive of a traditional notebook, comes on in seconds and applications (app) to run fast.
OS: OS X Mountain Lion. Among its innovative features is the new app for messages, greater security of Gatekeeper, notification center …
Long battery life. The flash storage leaves more space for a bigger battery, which lasts longer: more than five hours on a single charge on the 11-inch model and up to seven hours with the 13. If placed in stand-by can last all month. Get to deliver up to a thousand loads.
Thunderbolt and USB3. Thunderbot port to connect to the latest devices and screens. But twice USB3 granted a ten times faster than USB2.
Wireless. The MacBook Air is easily wireless networks and connects to them.
Display and camera. High-resolution display, 4.86 millimeters thick, and 720p HD FaceTime camera, with a resolution three times better than the previous FaceTime.
Tracpad Multi-Touch. When navigating through a website appear to play what you’re seeing.
Backlit keyboard. Full-size, makes typing more comfortable. Its light sensor adjusts the brightness of the screen and the keyboard automatically.

Recycled materials

The new update Apple model is presented as the ideal laptop for everyday use and environmentally friendly as it uses less power and has performed with elements (some recycled) that reduce their impact on the environment .

Compact aluminum housing completely redesigned. A unibody design in the main housing and on the screen, requires fewer parts.
Mercury-free LCD display with arsenic-free glass made.
Recyclable packaging mostly.
PVC-free internal cables.

Future reference

With the updates to the MacBook Air, Apple has set a performance model and performance that has many of the functions of a notebook, suitable for working at home or elsewhere, easy to carry and connect to the network, for make work less complicated.

All this makes MacBook Air a live match for other models like the Samsung Series 9, Dell Adamo 13, Toshiba R700, Lenovo Ideapad U260 and the Asus U36.

Apple TV, another way to watch TV

Apple TV Apple has created its own system to see on television panoramic high-definition movies and play streaming videos, music and photos from your computer, simply

The Apple TV set-top box has been a change in the way of enjoying the family entertainment at home. From the TV, you can watch your videos and pictures, play your music and choose a la carte movies and favorite content with great image quality. And the player is designed to play HD-1080p true HD-movies and TV shows from iTunes, videos from Vimeo, YouTube, Netflix, photos and more.

And with iCloud, films and programs can also be seen in other Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and the PC. The users of these terminals can play streaming music, photos and videos stored on your HDTV by connecting the Apple TV the same wifi network and application using AirPlay.

Apple TV also allows any recording you have stored on your computer or get through iTunes. To do this, activate an option called “Home Sharing” and, thanks to AirPlay, you can play a video on the TV without having to download it to the device. Moreover, this system gives a “mirror” of what’s on the screen of the iPhone and iPad, so that everything on these devices (including the Mac and the iPod touch) looks on TV: documents, websites, games, pictures, etc..

The TV system, which is supplemented by a remote control, is fully compatible with HDTVs with HDMI and 1080p or 720p resolutions at 60/50 Hz Specifically, known models include Hitachi, JVI, LG, Mitsubishi, NEC, Panasonic, Philips, Pioneer, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Toshiba, Vizio and Westinghouse.
What gives Apple TV

HD movies through iTunes. Some in 1080.
Play on TV photos, music and videos recorded and stored by the user on his mobile, tablet … And also pictures from Flickr and videos on demand from Netflix.
Matches MLB.tv American baseball, if you are subscribed to the channel.
Economic news and content through the Wall Street Journal Live (WSJ Live).
You can listen to online radio channels.


Apple TV costs 112 euros and can be purchased online and physical stores of the company. The contents of iTunes can be purchased through the Apple Store.

The iTunes movie rentals are priced between 4 and 5 euros if HD and between 3 and 4 if they are in standard definition. Alkylated once, there is room for 30 days to see or 48 hours from the time the first reproduced.
Advantages of the Apple TV

It offers a convenient way to enjoy the audiovisual content of the television network from our homes.
Streaming works well and offers good image quality.
With iTunes Match enjoying all our music in the cloud.
Easy access to buy music, TV shows and movies from the iTunes Store.
It is easy to use thanks to the ability to play from iCloud movies, and previously purchased music.
With AirPlay feature can be seen on television what is stored in other Apple devices (iPad, iPhone or iPod).
Reduced dimensions and weight.


Some features require wifi connection and are not available in all countries
Access to some services is limited to ten devices.
The remote control is too small to perform some actions and has no keyboard (with what to write names and passwords or words to search for videos on YouTube is complicated by having to find and press letter by letter or number to number in a screen).
Paid content (movies, series, etc. Since iTunes).
Some of the content is directed particularly to the American public (baseball, WSJ Live, Netflix for example).
You can watch movies in standard formats such as DivX, MKV, MPEG-2 or AVI, among others.

The evolution of technology gives us the ability to access Internet content in a comfortable and fast without leaving home. It’s a new way to enjoy your family, or friends, a “video on demand” uniting and using all our Apple devices.

Tablet for children, technology gift “star” for Christmas

Do not know what to give this Christmas to the children of the house? And that for weeks the television networks, department stores and general stores bombard us with advertising to get “the perfect gift”. One of them is the tablet for children ..

We have to admit: our children try to catch us the smartphone, tablet or computer whenever they can. I even know how to drive better than us and they are the ones who find features that we did not even know existed. And is that children have an innate ability and a great curiosity that makes them soak it in digital technology without involving them great efforts. Not surprisingly some experts call them “digital natives”. And one of his “object of desire” are the tablets.

For some time the smallest of the house are becoming a new niche market for electronic devices. That is why most of the manufacturers have designed specific tablets for them to combine technology, learning, leisure and entertainment at affordable prices.
Pros and cons of the tablet for children

Tablets for children are presented as a useful tool to further their skills (the use of shapes and colors, coordinate movements, draw, move and complete records, puzzles …) and learning (looking for content they can serve to their studies , books, stories …). It also helps them have fun (movies, series, cartoons …) and for the peace of their parents, are equipped with parental control system restricts access and / or download content or web pages that are not liked by older. These devices are called to be one of the gifts “star” this Christmas, with the permission of more conventional toys.

Despite the beneficial features that have the tablets for the development of the children of the house there are people who disagree with their young children with one, and prefer to play without machines and that relationships with other children in a naturally. But, as elsewhere, is common sense that should guide the approach of giving or not an electronic device like this: by age of children, according to the characteristics of the machine, if they are to be used alone or with the greater supervision and for how long.

If we decide to give a tablet to children, we can find on the market a number of makes and models, each with its own characteristics and prices. So we should see different devices and different shops, physical and online, to find the best deal. Here are some of them:

SuperPaquito, Imaginarium: the first tablet for children marketed in Spain. Price: 299 euros. From six years onwards.
Meep Tablet Diset. Price: 200 euros. More than six years.
Kurio, Clan TV (RTVE). Price: 179 euros. Over four years.
Vinci Tab 2. Price: 155 euros. From 18 months.
Tabeo of Toys’R'Us. Price: $ 150 (about 115 euros) approximately. From eight years. Still not sold in Spain but is available online.
Child, Archos. Price: 110 euros. Over three years.
Storio, VTech. Price: 100 euros. After three years.
Hello Kitty, Ingo. Price: 100 euros. From five years.
Monster High, Mattel and Ingo Devices. Price: 99 euros. From five years.

As you can see you have many options to choose from. Or do you share with your children your iPad, Nexus or Kindle with good shockproof sheath?

The t-commerce: shop online from a tablet

More and more users are targeted to t-commerce, ie to shop online from a tablet compared to other electronic devices. This system is ushering in a market with a great future, in which Internet users are willing to spend more time and money buying online.

Years ago it was unthinkable that we could buy from or anywhere in the world. But technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, thanks to new devices such as tablets, can make purchases in a fast, convenient and simple online.

The tablets or tablets have become a tool almost general use and in the new era of t-commerce (Tablet Commerce), ie, e-commerce from tablets, this device has great potential. Numerous studies claim that people who have purchased more frequently and spend more on their purchases that users of a smartphone. This means that the future of m-commerce (Mobile Commerce or from the mobile commerce) is in the tablets. The figures leave no doubt: this year is expected to be sold almost 120 million of these devices, and by 2015 is estimated to be 290 million units and that the volume of purchases through tablets exceed 30 billion (with a B) dollars.
Rise of the tablets

Why are increasing their users? Mostly because they are easy to use, its size is reduced, are lightweight, comfortable to wear and can be used at any time and from anywhere. Moreover, the size of the screen makes navigation more than a smartphone and offers a better view to see large images with high definition.

The traditional business websites and online stores are aware of the benefits of these devices at the time of purchase, so are adapting their pages to the tablet format and, in turn, begin to create new specific applications for this new medium. Amazon is the case, Privee.com or Nike among others, who have seen the economic potential they offer and are adapting their content (or creating new areas) to this format tablet. But much remains to be done.
Change in shopping habits

Increased use of tablets makes shopping habits are changing. According to a study by Zmags, women are the more purchases made online through these devices. In terms of age, approximately 75 percent of users are between 21 and 54 years. Purchases are made, for the most part, from households and more specifically from the living room or bedroom, stays that let you use the tablets with more ease and comfort.

The study by Adobe Digital Marketing Insights highlights also the environment in which purchase and busiest days. Thus, 58 percent of tablet users connect from home, 34 percent made their connections during the weekend, compared to 24 percent of PC users and 27 Smartphones.

And what do you buy? This same study found that mostly acquired electronics, books and jewelry, while the music is being acquired through smartphones.

The iPhone 5 is already in the street

The iPhone 5 is now available in Spanish shops. The Apple Store dotted around the country opened its doors last September 28 to offer customers this highly anticipated smartphone, which comes with new and enhanced features, has the largest screen and is thinner than its predecessor.

While in Spain and 22 other countries have done wait a little longer, on 21 September and was available in the United States, Germany, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, United Kingdom and Singapore, where the reception has been great. Thus, images of the long queues of people who wanted to have one of the first units of this popular mobile broadcast on TV around the world. The company’s expectations are high: it is estimated that you can buy in a hundred countries by the end of the year.

The release of the new phone has generated great excitement. On 17 September, the first day that you could make a reservation, is requested more than two million handsets in just 24 hours. This figure is more than double the record of one million units achieved by its predecessor, the iPhone 4.
Sales Success

In its first weekend of its release, Apple sold more than 5 million units of its latest smartphone and significantly exceeded the mark of his predecessor.
Price of Iphone 5

The free terminal with 16 gigabytes (GB), can be purchased for about 670 euros and the high-end model, 64 GB, is around 870 euros. Also available is an intermediate of 32 GB. Instead, if you buy through your carrier, the mobile may be available for 200 euros, depending on the mobile tariff rate, term commitments and conditions of the contract. If you want to do with the latest model of the Apple brand and pay comfortably Apple’s website also offers the possibility of financing through their website.
Key Features

What is so special about this phone? The new Apple includes as main new 4-inch screen, larger than the previous version, of3, 5 inches, as shown in the images that the company offers on its website. Pesa112 grams and has a thickness from 7, 6 mm, which make the phone more fine art in the world.

It has an A6 chip, which doubles their performance and graphics capabilities. Also increased battery life allowing up to eight hours of browsing with 3G or LTE (technology high speed connection that is not available in Spain) and 10 hours with WiFi, up to 8 hours talk time and up to 10 hours for the video playback.

Among the changes that Apple has introduced its new terminal stands replacing the 30-pin connector with smaller size 8. Apple has created an adapter for those with devices with the old connector (music amplifiers and other accessories for example).

Another benefit that has improved is the camera company. Despite having the same 8 megapixel camera that had the previous model, the camera of the iPhone 5 has a sapphire crystal lens, much stronger and allows for much sharper images, and a shutter speed 40 percent faster.

The latest version has a new operating system, iOS 6, adding the Spanish language to the list. Incorporates developments in mapping and improvements in the Safari web browser and Siri voice recognition application. And also has Passbook, a tool capable to store airline tickets, movie tickets and coupons, among others.
Criticism of the iPhone 5

Despite the improvements that Apple has done on version 4, the new smartphone has received various criticisms, including his cartography maps (own company) for filing errors and lack of precision and detail. Nor has delivered the quality of the photographs, and some users say it appears violet halo and the company has responded that there is no problem. In addition, some units have appeared black colored casing failures and other mobile phone users is still too sensitive to scratches.