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New MacBook Air, fastest and most versatile

Apple has made a significant update to your new MacBook Air to turn on the laptop in question. Therefore made a renewal of its hardware aimed at providing better performance and power. With a sleek, durable, thin and light, is presented as the final model and a tough rival to its competitors.

Although it has been expected, Apple already has on the market updating its innovative and successful model of laptop, the new MacBook Air. With it, the U.S. company wants to continue being a leader in a competitive industry which also seeking their share of the “pie” companies like Samsung, Sony and HP.

The new MacBook Air, debuting in June 2012 at the Worldwide Developers Conference (Worldwide Developers Conference, WWDC) in San Francisco, responds to the idea of ​​creating a portable lightweight (only weighs a kilo), thin and strong, that has the same capacity and performance double sized one.
Key Features

The new MacBook Air is available in models 11 and 13 inches. In its update highlights several areas that greatly enhance the design and performance of the Apple laptop.

New dual-core Core i5 and Core i7. This allows the MacBook Air surf the Internet, manage photos and edit movies, among others. And with integrated HD Graphics processor 400 is 60 percent faster. And all this with 4 gigabytes (GB) of memory, expandable to 8.
Faster flash storage. With up to 512 GB capacity, four times faster than the hard drive of a traditional notebook, comes on in seconds and applications (app) to run fast.
OS: OS X Mountain Lion. Among its innovative features is the new app for messages, greater security of Gatekeeper, notification center …
Long battery life. The flash storage leaves more space for a bigger battery, which lasts longer: more than five hours on a single charge on the 11-inch model and up to seven hours with the 13. If placed in stand-by can last all month. Get to deliver up to a thousand loads.
Thunderbolt and USB3. Thunderbot port to connect to the latest devices and screens. But twice USB3 granted a ten times faster than USB2.
Wireless. The MacBook Air is easily wireless networks and connects to them.
Display and camera. High-resolution display, 4.86 millimeters thick, and 720p HD FaceTime camera, with a resolution three times better than the previous FaceTime.
Tracpad Multi-Touch. When navigating through a website appear to play what you’re seeing.
Backlit keyboard. Full-size, makes typing more comfortable. Its light sensor adjusts the brightness of the screen and the keyboard automatically.

Recycled materials

The new update Apple model is presented as the ideal laptop for everyday use and environmentally friendly as it uses less power and has performed with elements (some recycled) that reduce their impact on the environment .

Compact aluminum housing completely redesigned. A unibody design in the main housing and on the screen, requires fewer parts.
Mercury-free LCD display with arsenic-free glass made.
Recyclable packaging mostly.
PVC-free internal cables.

Future reference

With the updates to the MacBook Air, Apple has set a performance model and performance that has many of the functions of a notebook, suitable for working at home or elsewhere, easy to carry and connect to the network, for make work less complicated.

All this makes MacBook Air a live match for other models like the Samsung Series 9, Dell Adamo 13, Toshiba R700, Lenovo Ideapad U260 and the Asus U36.

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