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The iPhone 5 is already in the street

The iPhone 5 is now available in Spanish shops. The Apple Store dotted around the country opened its doors last September 28 to offer customers this highly anticipated smartphone, which comes with new and enhanced features, has the largest screen and is thinner than its predecessor.

While in Spain and 22 other countries have done wait a little longer, on 21 September and was available in the United States, Germany, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, United Kingdom and Singapore, where the reception has been great. Thus, images of the long queues of people who wanted to have one of the first units of this popular mobile broadcast on TV around the world. The company’s expectations are high: it is estimated that you can buy in a hundred countries by the end of the year.

The release of the new phone has generated great excitement. On 17 September, the first day that you could make a reservation, is requested more than two million handsets in just 24 hours. This figure is more than double the record of one million units achieved by its predecessor, the iPhone 4.
Sales Success

In its first weekend of its release, Apple sold more than 5 million units of its latest smartphone and significantly exceeded the mark of his predecessor.
Price of Iphone 5

The free terminal with 16 gigabytes (GB), can be purchased for about 670 euros and the high-end model, 64 GB, is around 870 euros. Also available is an intermediate of 32 GB. Instead, if you buy through your carrier, the mobile may be available for 200 euros, depending on the mobile tariff rate, term commitments and conditions of the contract. If you want to do with the latest model of the Apple brand and pay comfortably Apple’s website also offers the possibility of financing through their website.
Key Features

What is so special about this phone? The new Apple includes as main new 4-inch screen, larger than the previous version, of3, 5 inches, as shown in the images that the company offers on its website. Pesa112 grams and has a thickness from 7, 6 mm, which make the phone more fine art in the world.

It has an A6 chip, which doubles their performance and graphics capabilities. Also increased battery life allowing up to eight hours of browsing with 3G or LTE (technology high speed connection that is not available in Spain) and 10 hours with WiFi, up to 8 hours talk time and up to 10 hours for the video playback.

Among the changes that Apple has introduced its new terminal stands replacing the 30-pin connector with smaller size 8. Apple has created an adapter for those with devices with the old connector (music amplifiers and other accessories for example).

Another benefit that has improved is the camera company. Despite having the same 8 megapixel camera that had the previous model, the camera of the iPhone 5 has a sapphire crystal lens, much stronger and allows for much sharper images, and a shutter speed 40 percent faster.

The latest version has a new operating system, iOS 6, adding the Spanish language to the list. Incorporates developments in mapping and improvements in the Safari web browser and Siri voice recognition application. And also has Passbook, a tool capable to store airline tickets, movie tickets and coupons, among others.
Criticism of the iPhone 5

Despite the improvements that Apple has done on version 4, the new smartphone has received various criticisms, including his cartography maps (own company) for filing errors and lack of precision and detail. Nor has delivered the quality of the photographs, and some users say it appears violet halo and the company has responded that there is no problem. In addition, some units have appeared black colored casing failures and other mobile phone users is still too sensitive to scratches.

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