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Apple TV, another way to watch TV

Apple TV Apple has created its own system to see on television panoramic high-definition movies and play streaming videos, music and photos from your computer, simply

The Apple TV set-top box has been a change in the way of enjoying the family entertainment at home. From the TV, you can watch your videos and pictures, play your music and choose a la carte movies and favorite content with great image quality. And the player is designed to play HD-1080p true HD-movies and TV shows from iTunes, videos from Vimeo, YouTube, Netflix, photos and more.

And with iCloud, films and programs can also be seen in other Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and the PC. The users of these terminals can play streaming music, photos and videos stored on your HDTV by connecting the Apple TV the same wifi network and application using AirPlay.

Apple TV also allows any recording you have stored on your computer or get through iTunes. To do this, activate an option called “Home Sharing” and, thanks to AirPlay, you can play a video on the TV without having to download it to the device. Moreover, this system gives a “mirror” of what’s on the screen of the iPhone and iPad, so that everything on these devices (including the Mac and the iPod touch) looks on TV: documents, websites, games, pictures, etc..

The TV system, which is supplemented by a remote control, is fully compatible with HDTVs with HDMI and 1080p or 720p resolutions at 60/50 Hz Specifically, known models include Hitachi, JVI, LG, Mitsubishi, NEC, Panasonic, Philips, Pioneer, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Toshiba, Vizio and Westinghouse.
What gives Apple TV

HD movies through iTunes. Some in 1080.
Play on TV photos, music and videos recorded and stored by the user on his mobile, tablet … And also pictures from Flickr and videos on demand from Netflix.
Matches MLB.tv American baseball, if you are subscribed to the channel.
Economic news and content through the Wall Street Journal Live (WSJ Live).
You can listen to online radio channels.


Apple TV costs 112 euros and can be purchased online and physical stores of the company. The contents of iTunes can be purchased through the Apple Store.

The iTunes movie rentals are priced between 4 and 5 euros if HD and between 3 and 4 if they are in standard definition. Alkylated once, there is room for 30 days to see or 48 hours from the time the first reproduced.
Advantages of the Apple TV

It offers a convenient way to enjoy the audiovisual content of the television network from our homes.
Streaming works well and offers good image quality.
With iTunes Match enjoying all our music in the cloud.
Easy access to buy music, TV shows and movies from the iTunes Store.
It is easy to use thanks to the ability to play from iCloud movies, and previously purchased music.
With AirPlay feature can be seen on television what is stored in other Apple devices (iPad, iPhone or iPod).
Reduced dimensions and weight.


Some features require wifi connection and are not available in all countries
Access to some services is limited to ten devices.
The remote control is too small to perform some actions and has no keyboard (with what to write names and passwords or words to search for videos on YouTube is complicated by having to find and press letter by letter or number to number in a screen).
Paid content (movies, series, etc. Since iTunes).
Some of the content is directed particularly to the American public (baseball, WSJ Live, Netflix for example).
You can watch movies in standard formats such as DivX, MKV, MPEG-2 or AVI, among others.

The evolution of technology gives us the ability to access Internet content in a comfortable and fast without leaving home. It’s a new way to enjoy your family, or friends, a “video on demand” uniting and using all our Apple devices.

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