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Windows 8, the new operating system Microsoft

Microsoft renews totally your system and makes a strong commitment to the commercialization of Windows 8 touch design, fast and attractive image. This is a major change for the company which aims to tackle Apple and Google.

Since last October 26, the successor already has Windows 7, Windows 8, with which the software giant Microsoft faces a new and decisive stage in his career.

Windows 8 windows system adapts its touch screens, moving and storage in the cloud, facilitating the use of applications and interaction between devices.

For company Microsoft is the biggest change made in the last two decades, since the advent of Windows 95, which brings into play all his prestige and potential for enormous challenge is posed in the era postPC, where Google and Apple are their great rivals.

The anticipation for the launch of the new operating system brought in its first three days of life four million licenses sold, and that during the first month will reach 40 million. Figures on their way to overcome the Windows 7 (60 million), achieved during the first quarter of their marketing.

Features of Windows 8

Windows 8 is the main asset of U.S. company to continue as a leader in the field of desktops and laptops, and to “get his head” in the market for tablets and phones, with the upcoming release of Windows Phone8 where Apple, through iPhone and iPad, and Google, with Android, dominate most of “the pie”.

Let’s see the highlights of the new operating system from Microsoft:

New home screen. The traditional windows give way to a row of tiles on which are all applications, social networks, websites, contacts, updates. In addition, you can customize the PC and tablet. This is not the disappearance of the old desktop is still available for users.
Use touch. Includes a mouse and a touch pad that allows you to work when you want and how you want.
Mobility and security. Windows 8 is a device to work anywhere, not just at home. Its security features (Trusted Boot and BitLocker) give protection to any incident.
Applications built and stored in the cloud. It includes applications such as Microsoft Mail, SkyDrive, contacts, messaging … automatically synchronized with social networks.
Browser. Internet Explorer 10 gives prominence to the contents over himself, is reduced and the browser frame, while getting around the network is faster.
Cloud storage. All contacts, photos, documents and files safe and stored in SkyDrive to access the cloud when needed.

Advantages and differences

Windows 8 represents a change from previous versions and provides the user with important differences and advantages.

Easy installation.
Works with little capacity. Only need 1 gigabyte (GB) of RAM and Intel Atom processor.
Firing rate. Need a few seconds to load.
Face Recognition. When sitting at the computer, we recognized thanks to recognition sensor designed for Xbox 360.
Windows 7 programs, the previous version, running on the new operating system.
Windows 8 has been designed with computers in more than four years.
Notifications on the home screen. In the mosaics are outstanding information due to new applications.
3D Technology.

Boosting updates

With all these new Microsoft Windows 8 expected to favor and encourage upgrades, since many users work with older versions of the system, and allow him to continue to be a benchmark in the computer industry, which in recent years has lost relevance for the strong competition from its rivals.

Another challenge for Microsoft is that firms change to new operating system Windows 8, since most of its revenues come from these products.

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