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ePaper, the first electronic plastic book in the world

The new LG device represents an innovation in the field of digital books. This is the ePaper, a model made of plastic, six inches in size, resistant to falls, flexible screen that can be bent up to 40 degrees without breaking.

The company LG has revolutionized the electronic book market with the launch of the ePaper, the first plastic electronic book world (EPD or E-Paper Display), with which he intends placed ahead of its main competitors. So, Samsung and Nokia are also prototypes with this material, but are still under development.

The South Korean firm has introduced an innovative ePaper model that stands out for its functionality, strength and design. With the ePaper, LG aims to popularize and energize the market for e-book readers (eReaders), a technology introduced in 2008 but has been relegated to the background by the appearance of the tablets.
Main features of ePaper

The ePaper has the usual functions of an eBook and:

Made of plastic flexible. Folds to 40 degrees, although it can not roll or fold.
It weighs 14 grams.
Six-inch size, fits in the palm of your hand.
It’s as thin as a sheet because it has a thickness of 0.7 millimeters.
Not have cabinets or frames.
Resolution of 1024 x 768.
Electronic ink display. Compared with technologies such as liquid crystal displays (or LCD) has low power consumption, not hurt your eyes by offering a nice view and to read with natural light, as it is a reflective material.

High efficiency

One feature that highlights the ePaper LG is its efficient, since the model stands for the great battery life and flexibility. Two very interesting aspects to this new device that allows more room for maneuver and not focus only on reading function.

The ePaper becomes also a great support for commercials and demonstrations in areas where it is not possible to introduce a conventional screen.
Very resistant

Another of the great virtues of the new plastic digital book is its resilience. One very demanded by users of these devices who complained of the fragility of their screens. And it is estimated that 10 percent of them were damaged by falling accidentally.

With the ePaper this problem is solved to a great extent, since it is able to withstand drops of up to 1.5 meters without damage. Also, does not scratch as easily as models made from other materials.

All these features make this device very useful for both adults and children to use both inside and out, without fear of damage.

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