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The t-commerce: shop online from a tablet

More and more users are targeted to t-commerce, ie to shop online from a tablet compared to other electronic devices. This system is ushering in a market with a great future, in which Internet users are willing to spend more time and money buying online.

Years ago it was unthinkable that we could buy from or anywhere in the world. But technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, thanks to new devices such as tablets, can make purchases in a fast, convenient and simple online.

The tablets or tablets have become a tool almost general use and in the new era of t-commerce (Tablet Commerce), ie, e-commerce from tablets, this device has great potential. Numerous studies claim that people who have purchased more frequently and spend more on their purchases that users of a smartphone. This means that the future of m-commerce (Mobile Commerce or from the mobile commerce) is in the tablets. The figures leave no doubt: this year is expected to be sold almost 120 million of these devices, and by 2015 is estimated to be 290 million units and that the volume of purchases through tablets exceed 30 billion (with a B) dollars.
Rise of the tablets

Why are increasing their users? Mostly because they are easy to use, its size is reduced, are lightweight, comfortable to wear and can be used at any time and from anywhere. Moreover, the size of the screen makes navigation more than a smartphone and offers a better view to see large images with high definition.

The traditional business websites and online stores are aware of the benefits of these devices at the time of purchase, so are adapting their pages to the tablet format and, in turn, begin to create new specific applications for this new medium. Amazon is the case, Privee.com or Nike among others, who have seen the economic potential they offer and are adapting their content (or creating new areas) to this format tablet. But much remains to be done.
Change in shopping habits

Increased use of tablets makes shopping habits are changing. According to a study by Zmags, women are the more purchases made online through these devices. In terms of age, approximately 75 percent of users are between 21 and 54 years. Purchases are made, for the most part, from households and more specifically from the living room or bedroom, stays that let you use the tablets with more ease and comfort.

The study by Adobe Digital Marketing Insights highlights also the environment in which purchase and busiest days. Thus, 58 percent of tablet users connect from home, 34 percent made their connections during the weekend, compared to 24 percent of PC users and 27 Smartphones.

And what do you buy? This same study found that mostly acquired electronics, books and jewelry, while the music is being acquired through smartphones.

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