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Tablet for children, technology gift “star” for Christmas

Do not know what to give this Christmas to the children of the house? And that for weeks the television networks, department stores and general stores bombard us with advertising to get “the perfect gift”. One of them is the tablet for children ..

We have to admit: our children try to catch us the smartphone, tablet or computer whenever they can. I even know how to drive better than us and they are the ones who find features that we did not even know existed. And is that children have an innate ability and a great curiosity that makes them soak it in digital technology without involving them great efforts. Not surprisingly some experts call them “digital natives”. And one of his “object of desire” are the tablets.

For some time the smallest of the house are becoming a new niche market for electronic devices. That is why most of the manufacturers have designed specific tablets for them to combine technology, learning, leisure and entertainment at affordable prices.
Pros and cons of the tablet for children

Tablets for children are presented as a useful tool to further their skills (the use of shapes and colors, coordinate movements, draw, move and complete records, puzzles …) and learning (looking for content they can serve to their studies , books, stories …). It also helps them have fun (movies, series, cartoons …) and for the peace of their parents, are equipped with parental control system restricts access and / or download content or web pages that are not liked by older. These devices are called to be one of the gifts “star” this Christmas, with the permission of more conventional toys.

Despite the beneficial features that have the tablets for the development of the children of the house there are people who disagree with their young children with one, and prefer to play without machines and that relationships with other children in a naturally. But, as elsewhere, is common sense that should guide the approach of giving or not an electronic device like this: by age of children, according to the characteristics of the machine, if they are to be used alone or with the greater supervision and for how long.

If we decide to give a tablet to children, we can find on the market a number of makes and models, each with its own characteristics and prices. So we should see different devices and different shops, physical and online, to find the best deal. Here are some of them:

SuperPaquito, Imaginarium: the first tablet for children marketed in Spain. Price: 299 euros. From six years onwards.
Meep Tablet Diset. Price: 200 euros. More than six years.
Kurio, Clan TV (RTVE). Price: 179 euros. Over four years.
Vinci Tab 2. Price: 155 euros. From 18 months.
Tabeo of Toys’R'Us. Price: $ 150 (about 115 euros) approximately. From eight years. Still not sold in Spain but is available online.
Child, Archos. Price: 110 euros. Over three years.
Storio, VTech. Price: 100 euros. After three years.
Hello Kitty, Ingo. Price: 100 euros. From five years.
Monster High, Mattel and Ingo Devices. Price: 99 euros. From five years.

As you can see you have many options to choose from. Or do you share with your children your iPad, Nexus or Kindle with good shockproof sheath?

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